License Management & Compliance Solutions

Our years of tailoring experience will impress you

Enable your customers to manage their assets

Reduce the risk of license management complexity and make compliance a positive experience to your customers

Take advantage of our extensive experience enhancing your business by making your license management and compliance activity a great experience for your customer as a valuable opportunity to maximising their software investments. The transparent and detailed information we provide, enables the correct management of the software assets reinforcing the healthy long-term business relationship whilst guaranties the full license compliance.

Ensure that your customers maximise their license investments

Reinforce your business relationship by providing  licensing insights to your customers

Our license management and advisory services provide your customers with the insights they need to take full advantage of their license investments. Our team is committed to enhancing the transparency and trust between software vendors and the licensees, achieving full compliance with the contractual obligations.

License compliance services have been our flagship activity for more than 15 years. This extensive track record with the market leading software vendors, who trust us with their license strategy and compliance activity, provides a unique basis for the expertise we hold today. Our team carefully designs, implements, executes and manages every initiative with an adequate mix of components and perspectives (legal & IP, technical, business, consultancy and marketing).

Powerful Support
License Management & Compliance

Our core activity. Seven Eighths carefully covers every aspect of your license management initiative.

Rich Experience
IP & IT Consultancy

Our multidisciplinary model guarantees a holistic approach to any business legal question posed by clients.

Perfect Development
Compliance Process Outsourcing

Our global presence and multilingual capabilities allow us to provide a unique set of front and back office outsourcing worldwide.